Patton Pharmacy has been Cambria County’s neighborhood pharmacy for the past four decades. We’ve experienced many changes since opening our doors in 1974, but one constant has always remained: our focus on you—our customers and our friends. We’re continually advancing the practice of pharmacy, combining the latest treatments with the best in customer service.

Our mission at Patton Pharmacy is twofold:

  1. To offer our patrons premier professional pharmacist care.
    This includes not only providing the most modern and freshest pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medications but also confidential and personalized pharmacist consultations and interventions to maximize healthier outcomes for our patients. We provide these using the most modern technology available, along with training our staff in the most current aspects of quality pharmacist care. All of our registered pharmacists are immunization certified.

  2. Ultimate customer satisfaction.
    We offer our patrons high-quality general merchandise at fair prices, extraordinary merchandise at a fair prices, and extraordinary personalized service for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Throughout our history, Patton Pharmacy has supported local youth, civic, and charitable organizations. We believe a community is only as strong as the support its members provide. With that in mind, Patton Pharmacy is proud to put our knowledge and experience to work in training the next generation pharmacists as a pharmacy teaching site associated with Duquesne School of Pharmacy.

At Patton Pharmacy, we do not want to just “do our best”; we want to be “the best at what we do.”