More than 220 million people around the world have diabetes, and researchers expect that deaths related to this disease will double by 2030. In addition to its impact on people’s health, diabetes can take a significant financial toll as well. Health care and prescriptions to manage this disease are expensive.

Patton Pharmacy’s Self-Management Education/Training program teaches those with diabetes about the seven self-care behaviors need to this disease, each presented in a one-hour group session:

  • Healthy eating
  • Medication taking
  • Being active
  • Problem solving
  • Coping skills
  • Reducing risks of diabetes complications
  • Glucose and disease monitoring

If you are a diabetes patient, this program will help you better control your diabetes by improving your blood glucose readings, HgbAIC, cholesterol, blood pressure, and diet. This control will help you decrease the complications of the disease, thus improving your quality of life. 

Anyone with a diagnosis of diabetes qualifies for this program, which Medicare B and certain medical plans may cover at up to 80% of the fee. Check with your insurance provider to find out your level of coverage and how many hours of training you are eligible to receive. Newly diagnosed patients with a physician referral or diabetes patients who had never had a formal diabetes education program may qualify for 10 hours of education training; patients with diabetes who have already had a formal program may qualify for up to 2 hours.