The Patton Pharmacy Difference

Having a local resource for professional health care is critical for good health maintenance. When a medical emergency hits, leaving a message at a mail-order pharmacy 2,000 miles away is not the solution. Our health care experts are. Simply call us at Patton Pharmacy for immediate access to vital advice, right when you need us.

Patient Centered Care

The “do it yourself” health consumer has seen an explosion in medication treatment options. A seemingly endless stream of new over-the-counter treatments, along with information from consumer channels, news stories, and the Internet, offers more choices than ever for treating health conditions. Yet not every product is appropriate for everyone. While having more options than ever is good, having the right advice for safe, effective health care solutions is critical.

At Patton Pharmacy, we operate under the definition of Patient-Centered Care. This means that as your pharmacy, we take into consideration your current medications and treatments, personal preferences and values, family situation, and lifestyle. It makes you and your family an integral part of the health care “team.” We pay special attention to patient needs to ensure you are receiving the right medications, treatments, and immunizations necessary to lead a healthy life.

Specialized Services Offered

Refill Reminder Program

This helpful program ensures your maintenance medications are filled when you need them. No need to wait around while we refill prescriptions—just stop and pick them up at your convenience.

Periodic Medication Reviews (MTMS)

This program helps us work with your doctor to make sure you are receiving the most effective and economical treatment for your condition, thus reducing your out-of-pocket expense.

Special Packaging

This service is available if you or someone you are taking care of needs help taking medications at the prescribed dose and right time.


We offer a wide variety of Vaccinations and Immunizations throughout the year. Traveling abroad? We can also assist you with travel immunizations.

Snowbird Program

You can receive your medication wherever you escape to for the winter.