At Patton Pharmacy, we believe vaccines are a key factor in maintaining your health. Whether you live with chronic illnesses and conditions or have a clean bill of health, you may need various vaccinations from time to time to prevent diseases and their serious complications.

CDC Recommended Vaccination Schedule

Below is the 2014 Recommended Vaccination table from the CDC for Adults over age 18. To visit the CDC website and view this document in PDF form, click here.

Vaccines aren’t just for kids. Vaccines are recommended for adults in instances where:

  • The vaccines do not provide lifelong protection
  • The virus or bacteria changes through time
  • The aging immune system has become more susceptible to diseases that were less of a threat at an earlier age

Our pharmacists are certified to administer vaccinations to adults age 18 and over. We keep a variety of commonly administered ones on hand for your convenience.

If you are seeking a vaccination or immunization, please speak to one of our pharmacy staff members. They will make sure you receive those appropriate for you.

Traveling outside of the United States? Patton Pharmacy offers vaccinations that you may need if you are traveling abroad. More information on recommended vaccinations can be found on this Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.